Speed Crossword

    Students are divided into pairs and are given a Speed Crossword grid.  The grid can easily be prepared prior to the activity by making a 15 x 15 grid of 1/2 inch squares.

    Student #1 begins play by writing a word in the target language on the grid either horizontally or vertically.  The word must be correctly spelled and read from left to right or top to bottom.  A time limit of 20-30 seconds should be put on each play.  The student then records this word to one side of the grid to claim credit for the word.  If student #1 doesn’t write a word within the time limit or if the word is misspelled (misspelled words must be erased), play passes to player #2.  Player #2 then writes his/her word on the grid connecting to the previous word.  Player #2 then records the word to the side of the grid to claim credit just as #1 did.

    Note - If two words run parallel, they must match in all directions.
                No words may be repeated on the grid.

    Play continues until no more words can be added or until the teacher calls “time”.  Each student totals the number of words that he/she placed on the grid to see who the winner is.

    Variation #1
    Each pair of students can work together to accumulate more words on their grid than any other pair in the class.

    Variation #2
    Upon completion of the activity, each pair tries to compose the longest, grammatically correct sentence using only the words from their grid.  The teacher will be the judge of which sentences are the longest and most correct.

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