Words beginning with ___

    This activity can be played with a teammate or individually.  Each team/player uses a prepared grid (see below).  The first column with the label “L” will contain the letters of a starting word in the target language.  The numbers at the top of each of the other columns indicate the number of letters each word must contain.  Words should not be proper nouns, nor should they be plurals made by adding “s”.

L      |       3            |        4            |        5            |        6            |        7               |
C      |                    |                       |                     |                      |                         |        
A      |                    |                       |                     |                      |                         |     
P       |                    |                       |                     |                      |                         |

        After the teacher gives the word to be used in the “L” column, students begin to fill in the grid.  When time is called each student reads the words aloud to the class.  When another student/team has the same word, both must delete the word from their sheets resulting in no points.  Students then total the number of correct words.


L     |       3            |        4            |        5            |        6            |        7               |
C         cat                call                color                crusty            contest
A        art                  ante              armor              answer           athlete
P        pop                 post               panda              pastel            package

         To add variety for more advanced students the teacher can tell the group to use only nouns, infinitives, verbs in a certain tense, adjectives, adverbs, cities/places where the target language is spoken, etc.

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