Words Within Words

     This simple activity allows students a chance to use their perception and spelling skills to rearrange letters of a given word to form new words.  The teacher supplies a word containing at least 7-8 letters.  The students’ task is to use the letters of the given word to form new words in the target language.
      After writing the word on the board, the teacher instructs the students to begin writing any words they can that contain only the letters from the original word.  The words should be at least two letters long.   After 3-4 minutes the teacher stops the students and then begins reading the students’ lists of words aloud.  If a student has written a word that the teacher reads, the word is eliminated from the game and no points are scored by any player.    Points are awarded only for words not used by other students.  This helps avoid copying.
       Points can be awarded one per word or points could be awarded basing the score on the length of each word (i.e.  a three letter word nobody else has = 3 points, a five letter word = 5 points, etc.)

Example:                                    respected

   red    sped    tee    tees    deer    respect    creed    teed    peer    peered
   reed    reeds    deep    deeper    sect    pet    pets    cede    seed    per    set

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