Overhead Team Scrabble 
       If there aren’t enough Scrabble boards for classroom use, you  can use an overhead transparency of the Scrabble board.  You may have to reduce the size a bit to fit on the transparency or you may have to draw a facsimile of the board on a piece of paper before making a transparency.
         The class can be divided into 4 teams.  A transparency of the Scrabble game board can be used on the overhead projector.  Each team is also provided with a sheet of paper with a game board on it.  One team member will write all the words that appear on the overhead on the team’s sheet of paper.  Each team sends a representative to the front of the room to draw 7 letter tiles.   All teams are given some time to look at their drawn letters and plan words.
    Play Begins
    A representative from team #1 brings the letters to the front of the room, shows the teacher where to place the letters on the transparency.  The student then leaves the tiles with the teacher, takes replacement tiles and returns to his/her seat.  The teacher writes Team #1’s word on the transparency for all to see and then records the team’s score for that play.  As words are added to the transparency, each team must write the word on their sheet.  The process is then repeated with Teams #2 , #3, and #4.
    The scoring is handled the same way as for regular Scrabble. (Please see the previous page.)

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