Speed Scrabble

            Speed Scrabble is a fast paced activity that uses the tiles from the original Scrabble® game.

   1. This can be done with a teammate or a person can be  his own team. The best way to play this game is with 3 – 7 people/teams.
   2. Each person/team begins with seven scrabble pieces flipped upside down in front of them.
   3. Place the remainder of the scrabble pieces in the center of the round table, face down.
   4. Clear an area in front of each player/team on the table/desk so there is enough room to complete the puzzle – this will be where your puzzle is formed.
   5. To begin the game, one player will say “On your mark, Get Set, Go,” at which time all of the players will flip their seven pieces over and begin to form a word  with the letters they have.
   6. Once one word is created, you may begin to play off of that word, as if using a Scrabble board.  All words must be formed in horizontal and vertical word arrangements with words reading from left to right / top to bottom .
   7. Don’t forget that the point of this game is to connect your letters to make words in the timeliest manner possible, thus the name “Speed Scrabble”.
   8. Once someone has used all of their letters they will shout “take two” and everyone/every team must draw two tiles from the center pile of upside-down game pieces.
   9. Every player/team must draw two tiles, and they may not switch the tiles that they picked for a different ones. They must draw new pieces even if they have not used their own pieces yet (this is what makes players get backed up and frantic). They cannot trade tiles with other players!!!
  10. The game proceeds in this manner until the pieces in the center of the table are gone or until there are not enough left for everyone to draw from.
  11. At this time, when the first person has used up all of their game pieces and there are no more to draw, the game is over. Each player/team adds up their points based on their personal scrabble board and also adds up the point value of their remaining tiles. The point value of a player's remaining unplayed tiles is subtracted from the points based on that player's personal scrabble board. The player/team with the highest point total (personal scrabble board value minus (-) player's remaining tiles value), is the winner.

For Spanish Speed Scrabble remove the letter “W”, perhaps cover it with masking tape and write the letter  “ñ” on it.  The letter “Q” is considered to be a “QU”.

NOTE  -  If you don’t have access to Scrabble® game tiles, you can make your own on card stock.  One inch squares work nicely.  Here is a list of what you need to make:

Here are the point values for each letter in Scrabble.

0 Points - Blank tile.
1 Point - A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T and U.                2 Points - D and G.
3 Points - B, C, M and P.                                     4 Points - F, H, V, and Y.
5 Points - ñ                                                        8 Points - J and X.                    10 Points - Q and Z.
Here is how many of each letter (note the addition of the ñ for Spanish and the elimination of w).
A - 9        B -2        C -  2        D - 4          E - 12      F- 2         G - 3       

H - 2         I - 9       J - 1          L - 4           M- 2        N - 6        ñ - 2       

O - 8        P - 2       Q (QU)-1    R - 6        S - 4         T - 6         U- 4       

V - 2         X -1        Y - 2          Z - 1        BLANK - 2

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