This activity can be done individually or with a teammate.  Using the prepared score sheet (see the next page), the student writes down as many words as possible that contain the the letters given by the teacher.  In the example below the teacher gives the students the letters P A/ C/ I/ T/ O.  The students write the letters  on the blanks.  The students then begin to write as many words as possible in the target language next to the letters given.  To receive 1 point the words must contain the letters P and A somewhere in the word.  To receive 2 points the student must write words that contain the letters P, A and C somewhere in the word.  To receive 4 points the words must contain P,A,C and I, etc.  Additional letters have higher point values, but the difficulty doubles.  See the example below.

              After 3-4 minutes of work time students stop.  Words are read off by student (team) #1.  If any others have the same word, the word is eliminated for all players.  Each student (team) reads the words in turn always eliminating words that others have.  After all words have been read, any words remaining on the first line earn 1 point, remaining words on line 2 receive 2 points per word, any left on line 3 earn 4 points per word, etc.
When all sheets have been corrected, the students total earned points to see who is the winner.  The player or team with the highest number is declared the winner.   Some times having only one or two high value words will produce a winning score.


1 point _P_   _A_          pad, pan, party, apt

2 points  __C__            pace, pact, cap, acupuncture

4 points  __I__              compacting, panic, packing

8  points  __T__            capacity, typical

16 points  __O__           caption, typographical

TOTAL ________

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