Exhaust the Letter

        This simple activity is a great review for general vocabulary at all levels.   The class can be divided into 2 or 3 groups.  The teacher chooses a letter of the alphabet and calls on group #1 to say a word in the target language beginning with that letter.  Students wishing to respond must raise hands and be called on before answering.  This helps avoid confusion and students just blurting out words.   Only one word can be said.     If a member of group #1 successfully gives a word, the result is a point for group #1.  Group does the same followed by group #3.  A time limit of 10-15 seconds may be necessary to keep things moving.  If a group can not answer within the time limit, the group passes to the next group without scoring a point.    If a word is given that was previously stated, the result is a penalty of one point and play moves on to the next group.    This makes students more attentive. The play continues until the possibilities for a given letter are exhausted.  The teacher then provides a new letter and play starts again, but this time group #2 starts.

       * For more advanced students the teacher can provide a letter that must be the last letter of the words.
        * A greater challenge for upper level students would be putting limits on words such as - only verbs, only nouns, etc.

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